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Contact Lenses have become an essential part of people’s lives. Millions of people around the world currently wear contacts. Anyone who wears contact lenses will tell you that it can be very uncomfortable to wear contacts without eye drops and in many cases contact lens solution. For those of our readers who don’t know, contact lens solution serves a few purposes. One purpose is so that you can sanitize and clean the protein deposits and debris off of your contact lenses at the end of each day. Contact lens solutions like Boston Advanced or Optimum Lobob Extra Strength Cleaner are cleansing and sanitizing agents. In addition to sanitizing and cleansing they also help restore the moisture levels in the contact lenses so they fit and feel more natural in the eye the next day.
Many companies boast about having the best, most effective and most affordable solutions and in the end – your choice of contact lens solution comes down to your personal preferences and what your eye care professional says. That being said, there is a solution that I can say with absolute certainty is my personal “go to” brand is Optimum Lobob.

The solution itself is great. It comes in a few different sized bottles, and I have to say it has been the most effective on my contacts. I wear rigid gas permeable lenses and again, this is the most effective solution I’ve used thus far. For those of you unaware of the difference gas permeable lenses allow more oxygen to the cornea, preventing long term eye damage, (if you’re not wearing these lenses, I would suggest asking your eye care professional if they are a fit for you). The only downside to wearing rigid gas permeable lenses is that, because they are extended wear lenses – you will need to use a contact lens solution to keep them clean and moist. The upside to rigid gas permeable lenses is that they last so long and for me, they’re just more comfortable.
I remember one time my eyes were so dry, I mean to the point where I would have sworn my lenses were defective. I used to wear daily disposable lenses, I think from Freshlook. I went to my optometrist in case there was something wrong with my eyes. It turned out my lenses had dried up, to the point where they were really of no use. He suggested I switch to rigid gas permeable lenses and suggested the Optimum Lobob solution as a cleansing and wetting agent. The two products I use are the Optimum Lobob wetting and rewetting drops and the Optimum Lobob extra strength cleaner. I took his advice and lo and behold the next morning, my new lenses were in and they stayed moist throughout the day. My eyes felt great and I’ve been using this solution ever since. It keeps my contact lenses super clean, and moist, which in turn, make my eyes feel great. & CLE Contact Lenses have unbeatable prices on their solutions, I strongly recommend the Optimum Lobob. I’ve told everyone that I know who wears rigid gas permeable contact lenses about this website and this product and now a few of my family members & friends go there to purchase their contact lenses and solutions. If you would prefer to order by phone then you can call them toll free at: 877-536-7373. Tell them Nick sent you!

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6 Responses to “Contact Lens Solution”

  1. I use Boston for my lenses

  2. AMO Blink keeps my eye fresh and clean!

  3. I too use the optimum lobob family of products – i love them! The only frustration I have is that they arent readily available in many places. Thank goodness I found them on and they always have them too!

  4. What’s the difference between the lobob wetting and rewetting drops and the lobob extra strength cleaner ? I use the wetting drops but they dont seem to clean my lenses. Should I just use it to wet my eyes and use the extra strength cleaner to clean the contacts when I remove them each night?

  5. The two most effective brands of contact lens solutions I’ve used are the optimum lobob brand and i also like the boston advanced solution.

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