I was recently waiting on a long line at one of my favorite restaurants. To pass the time, I decided to go up front and grab a menu to peruse. To my misfortune, I discovered that I left my reading glasses in the car. In passing, I mentioned my dilemma to the gentleman standing near me and commented on how I remember how nice it was to not have to grab a pair of glasses to read something. Referencing his very stylish pair of what I thought were prescription glasses, his response was “I wouldn’t know. These are fakes”. While I was quite taken back by his statement, I could understand the intent behind the “masquerade”.

We always see the typical professor, librarian or accountant sporting a pair of thick framed eyewear. Though these characters are always considered as “geeky”, they also portray a stereotypical or implied intelligence and inner-strength. Wearing glasses also conveys an image of maturity combined with a sense that the wearer is comfortable in his/her skin. Today, it seems that the Geek is the new Chic. People are going out of their way to purposely grasp the geek image. Geeks today, are the respected as well as adored characters in TV and movies. The persona of the fragile weakling is no longer looked down upon but instead viewed as a character that though meek and mild on the outside, holds within them a hidden and oftentimes surprising force.

As it turns out the fake reading glasses market is becoming an ever increasing fad and in turn an ever increasing profit center. You can be sure that CVS, Duane Reade and Rite-Aid are already stocking up on this cash cow! In turn, the mega eyeglass and designer sunglass corporations will soon be the major supplier if not the only supplier in a short time. Italian goliath Luxottica, recently segmented on CBS’s 60 minutes will almost certainly be the largest distributor of this latest craze.

So, for now, there will no longer be people taking their glasses off when they are about to have their photo taken. Instead, those with 20/20 vision will look like the rest of us geeks!!

Or, is that so bad? Let’s not forget that some very innocent looking “newspaper” geeks were two of our greatest comic book heroes!

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6 Responses to “GEEK IS THE NEW CHIC”

  1. I find it kind of odd that the guy who used to wear glasses used to be the geek when I was growing up and now wearing glasses is all the rage and is so cool. I see lebron james and dwayne wade and random movie stars wearing optical frames and different designer glasses and I think to myself what a wonderful world…

  2. I guess I was ahead of my time. I always carefully chose my optical frames just because I wanted to be the sharpest looking dude on the block. …even tho I wore contacts. My favorite thing was to shop for the next hot pair. In fact I had a drawer full of Ray Bans, Serengetis, you name it…it was like I was on crack.

  3. Remember Clark Kent wears Wayfarers. I always said that when I was growing up and kids would call me 4 eyes.

  4. I always wear my Gucci 2901 Black non-prescrition. They make me look Chic

  5. I have a par of Maui Jim Kanaha sunglasses which takes my mindset to the North Shore of Hawaii even when I’m in Akron, OH. I know you can RX these but I dont wear contacts of glasses but I like those classic ones that Johnny Depp has on, he looks like he knows whats he’s talking about with those on.

  6. I dont think the word geek and glasses dont go hand in hand anymore. i bought a pair of designer sunglasses and wanted to get a pair of maui jim prescription glasses. unfortunately i couldnt find a pair of prescription glasses from maui jim but i did get a pair of ray ban frames and they were able to put prescription glasses in them. they’re really nice looking pair of frames and i got them online so they were a lot less expensive than the stores