Holiday Gift List – Employee Edition – Joe

This holiday season I especially want to give back to my parents. My parents like most others would give anything to their children. They would not hesitate to sacrifice at the toughest of times to make sure that my siblings and I always had a special and magical Christmas. Every year we all had plenty of great gifts under the Christmas tree.

It sounds easy to just get a gift for your Mom and Dad, but I am in quite a dilemma. I want to get something that is both meaningful and useful. I want to get them something special that is high in quality and not just high in price.

The other day I was moving my mom’s car and I happened to see a pair of sunglasses in the cup holder. When I picked them up to take a look they were obviously a cheap pair that she probably bought from the gas station. Yes I am sure they got the job done, but let’s hope that the lenses were actually blocking UV rays and not just advertising it with a decal. I came to the conclusion that it was time for my Mom to have an upgrade. I feel that she will look great in a new pair of Maui Jim Bayfront Sunglasses.

These glasses are sleek and stylish. They have the classic aviator elegance combined with unique stems which gives off a fresh and fashionable look.

While I am on the eye wear kick I also decided to look into a fresh new pair of glasses for my father. Although he is good in the sunglass department, wearing the same pair of ray-ban aviators for a good part of the decade, he could use a new pair of eyeglasses. My father is recently retired and I think it is about time that he trades in his “boring” work glasses for something a little more bold and aggressive. He is no longer sitting behind a desk so he should pay a little more attention to the image he is portraying to the world.

I think my Father would look great with a new pair of Gucci Glasses

These glasses will make it easy for my Father to show off his sophisticated sense of fashion and he needs all the help he can get! By wearing these designer Gucci Frames there is not much more to do, simply wear them and they transform your demeanor and will speak louder than words!

We hope you enjoyed Joe’s Holiday Gift list. Next up we will have Carl.

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