ShopCLE’s Father Day Contest – Update 1 and consolation prizes revealed.

Our second annual fathers day giveaway is in full swing, and the entries are flowing in. However, it is still not too late to enter! If you don’t know how, or want to read the full rules of entry check out this post.

To give everyone a quick update on how the contest is going we currently have a solid top three battling it out for the top prize. In first place we have

  • 1 – Wendy F. is leading the way with 20 votes. Wendy has an inspiring entry about how her father always showed her unconditional love and was a huge support structure for her.
  • 2 – In second is Heidi B. close behind with 17 votes. Heidi has nominated her husband who does absolutely anything to make sure her children are happy. How a real father should be.
  • 3 – In third is Chad with 4 votes, with another inspiring story about his dad.

As you already know, we will be giving away a pair of designer sunglasses to the first place winner. The winner will have a selection of different glasses they can pick from. What we didn’t announce is that we will also be giving away consolation prizes to the second and third place winners.

The entry with the second amount of votes will receive:


A DAP XHOSE – The XHOSE is a smart alternitave to traditional hoses because it’s extremely lightweight and condensed, but can stretch out to 25 feet. (a 30$ value)


Check out a review of the XHOSE here:

The entry with the second amount of votes will receive:

A Card Ninja. The card ninja is a small pouch that attaches to your smart phone that makes it incredibly easy to hold your cards and cash. It essentially gets rid of the need for a wallet. (A 20$ value)  Check out a review of that here:



If you haven’t already, head on over to the contest page at the ShopCLE facebook, and enter now. It takes less than 2 minutes and you only have to enter a minimum of 250 characters. We want to see what our followers’ fathers mean to them. The contest has started, but is far from over. Get your entries in, and get some cool stuff.

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