Springtime is here so dust off those sunglasses

Some people think that sunglasses are only for summer, but the truth is they protect your eyes and look great year-round. In fact, if you live where there is lots of snow in the winter like we do here in the North East, you probably know how much a good pair of sunglasses helps to cut down on glare.

Sunglasses that have 100% UV protection will keep ultraviolet rays from the sun from damaging your eyes, and this is important because UV damage is associated with the development of cataracts later in life.

While you can spend anywhere from a few dollars to several hundred dollars on a pair of sunglasses, most people go for a happy medium. The least expensive sunglasses may not have adequate UV protection, so it is important to check the tags to see if UV protection is specified for a particular pair of sunglasses before you make that quick purchase.

The most popular brands of sunglasses include Ray Ban, Oakley, Bolle and Spy, but numerous top fashion designers have lines of sunglasses too, including Versace, Gucci, Ralph Lauren and Kate Spade.

Unless you have a generous budget, you should choose a pair of sunglasses that will work well with most items in your wardrobe. Often this means choosing one of the classic shapes, such as aviators or Wayfarers (both of which were made famous by Ray Ban). However, some of the top fashion designers also make some classic shapes that are made to go with a wide range of styles. Kate Spade and Ralph Lauren, for example, have plenty of flattering, go-with-everything styles available so they should not be quickly over looked

In general, when choosing sunglasses, most people get the most flattering results when they choose a shape that does not mimic the shape of the face. For example, a person with an angular, square face will usually look best on frames that are rounded or oval, while a person with a curvy, round face will often look best in a more angular frame. Oval faces usually look good in the largest variety of frame shapes, while aviators are a shape that complement most face shapes.

Usually, when you purchase a high quality pair of sunglasses, you will receive a hard case to keep them in, and cloth as well. Be sure to store your sunglasses in their case because the moment someone sits on them, or your dog gets hold of them, they’re gone! Always clean the lenses and do not wipe dry lenses with a dry cloth or paper towel. This will prevent scratching of the lenses. It is always recommended that you use the provided cleaning cloth or similar material.

You can invest around $100 in a pair of high quality sunglasses, and have them last for years, or even decades, with proper care. You’ll be doing your eyes a favor, and your face too: the less you squint, the less entrenched “crows feet” lines around the eyes become. You not only see better in bright sunlight, you look better, too!

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