Types of Sunglasses For Men

Have you ever been walking down the street and saw someone wearing the freshest pair of shades? But you had no idea what type they were? Ever since the early 50’s, fashion in sunglasses has been exploding. What was once just a way for airline pilots to keep their eyes protected, is now a key part of any wardrobe. So here’s a quick look at the different types of sunglasses for men.


The Aviator – 

Probably one of the most identifiable pair of sunglasses is the “aviator”. Most well known by their oversized lenses in an “egg” shape, and thin metal arms, they are worn by millions in america. The first pair ever was created by Ray Ban, and issued to fighter pilots in world war 2.

Other companies have also took the classic design and put their own spin on them. In recent years they have been very popular for driving. They boast the best protection of any other pair of sunglasses because of the gigantic surface area of the lenses. Some of the biggest celebrities in the world can be seen wearing aviators like Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, and others.


The Wayfarer – 

If the aviator is the MOST recognizable, than the wayfarer is the number 2. Again, these were first created by Ray Ban in the early 50’s. They are most recognizable by their distinct lens and frame shape. (look at the picture to the right to see an example) I guarantee if you have been to a mall, beach, or park in the past 50 years you have seen a pair of these.

Aside from Ray Ban, other companies have been creating their own wayfarer was well. They were always popular since their creation in the 50’s, but gained HUGE mainstream attention in the 80’s after the movie: “The Blue’s Brothers”. Ray Ban reported that they did 4x the sales that year and the trends haven’t slowed down.


Sport Glasses – 

This is more of a broad category, but covers a specific type of sunglasses. Every single sunglasses company makes their own take on sporty sunglasses. A company that specializes in this, Oakley, has a huge line of driving, shooting, fishing, and running glasses. They use detachable and interchangeable lenses to separate them from everyone else.

However Ray Ban, Carrera, Maui Jim, and a slew of others have great selections of sport sunglasses. Most of these glasses curve around your head so they won’t fall off when your being active. They also have strong polarization options to keep your eyes protected in the peak of the sun.

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