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What is O.S/O.D?

O.S = left eye
O.D= right eye

Are bi or multifocal lenses offered in colors?


What is the base curve, diameter, power, add power, axis, and cylinder? What does this all mean?

B.C (base curve): is the measurement of the back curve of the contact lens. Usually signified by a number ranging between 8.0-10.0.

  • Diameter: refers to the width of the contact lens usually a number between 13.0-15.0.
  • Power: is the strength or amount of correction needed, ranges from -20.0 to +20.0.
  • Axis: a number from 0-180 ONLY FOR ASTIGMATISIM & TORIC LENSES.
  • Cylinder (cyl): ranges from -0.75 to -10.0 ONLY FOR ASTIGMATISIM & TORIC LENSES.
  • Add Power: an additional correction for bifocal lenses, ranges from +1.00-+3.00.

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